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Jointed Santa
Claire Block
Best decorated wall

This Santa is life like and covered our entry wall. Great service, arrived timely and I love him.

Jointed Santa
john nevarez

very nice


they are very nice and colorful

very colorful

very very nice

Bright & colorful!

Perfect fit. Covers the whole door. Easy peasy. Just tape the edges. Alot of impact for a simple thing. Looks great! Love it!

Skull half mask

Quick ship. Well packaged. Arrived in perfect condition. Mask made of a high quality material, exactly as pictured and described.

Felt Spanish Hat
Carolyn Nelson
Spanish Hat

Great price, great quality and fast shipping!

Jointed Santa
john nevarez

this full size santa is awesome. everyone loves it.


My great grandkids will love to place these on my windows

British party decorations

Everything we ordered came as expected. Once we decorated the room for the party, our guests were blown away with the quality and how bright and vibrant the colours were. Ordered one day, next day delivery. Amazing…..

Just like I remember from the 70's

It came folded up, which was fine, joints work great so the kids can pose the witch in different poses, which they love.

Construction Theme Party

They were perfect, built flexible, a little and very sturdy. Nice size

Old Time Halloween Cut Outs

These were perfect for my front door side windows!
Everybody loved them.

Giant Skeleton

This looked great on my front door - nice and creepy!
My daughters both liked how it appeared.

Great Decoration

I needed a nice large "scary" goblin/pumpkin for my front window and it certainly did the trick. It was brightly colored enough you could see it from the street.

Survivor Satin Sash
Cynthia Gunner
Breast Cancer Survivor Sashes

Excellent, great quality. Will order again.

Best Halloween ever

The cutouts and jointed figures were a hit ! good to see a company that follows the old traditions .Long may you prosper

Jointed Santa
Diana Smith
Large jointed Santa

Looks great, larger than life Santa. We glued ours into a board and have it standing and waving in our porch. ❤️

Jointed Skeleton
Autumnleaf Farm

We had one of these when we were kids back in the 70's and he lasted for years. Don't know where he is now but I have two of his buddies to enjoy for years to come.

Plush Pumpkin Pie Hat
angela durkee
Fun Hat

My granddaughter loves this hat! will be a fun Thanksgiving!

Great deal

It's very clear according on the website this is a reproduction. No one will ever know. Item arrived unbent which is a problem from every other company. The price is reasonable. This company is trustworthy. Get out your credit card and start shopping.


I know that isn't really vintage but no one would ever guess. It arrived unbent which is a problem with other companies. I have no complaints. This company is trustworthy.

Oktoberfest Decorating Kit

It was good but I received two female figures instead of a man and woman. My plan was to put them on the restroom doors but with two females I opted not to do that.

My Schooldays Revisited

Just like the Pumpkins on the classrooms doors in my Gradeschool. Keep on making these classic decs!


Much larger than I thought. Very colorful!